Map tenants more fast and quick

Datscha offers the most detailed, flexible, and visual search to prospect and find tenants, in all commercial properties.

You can search for lists of tenant´s name, property owner´s name or industry by SNI code.

The result can also be displayed quickly and easily on the map. Datscha Tenant refers only to commercial properties.

You can easily create a summary of each tenant, for example, the choosen numbers of premises.



Find potential customers easy by map.

Quickly get access to a search result, collected in a user-friendly list.

Get quick answers to which tenants are located at a given address or within a given geographical area.

With datscha you will get...

  • Datscha is user friendly and fast
  • Datscha is accurate and gives the users new insights
  • Datscha enables the user to focus on decision making


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