Ownership Information

Detailed data in seconds

Datscha users benefit from the most complete and detailed ownership information available. Suitable for both top-down and bottom-up analysis, you can find out who owns a particular building or you can explore the full portfolio of an owner by direct search or via our award-winning map.

With our solution you get access to an complete overview of the ownership structure. This enables you to see which property is own by what legal company and how the legal company sits within the ownership structure of the ultimate owner company.



Find out who is the largest property owner in your city. Create your own property owner report in a few seconds.

Find out how many properties a particular company owns and how many properties they are tenants in.

Get access to property holdings of all property companies, including economic associations, foundations and partnerships.

Other main features

Property Search

Datscha offers the most detailed, flexible, and visual property search. You can search by property size, value, region, use type,...


Market Data

Datscha users benefit from fast, visual market data combined with an award-winning map interface. Our market...


Map interface

Our map uses the latest GIS technology to find and analyse commercial property data. By using our polygon search together with...



Datscha Valuation is the tool for calculating the value of one or more properties. Based on the classic cash flow theory we have...

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Retail data

SSCD is a database with information about over 350 Swedish shopping centres and retail parks from 5,000 sqm and above. In...



Datscha offers the most detailed, flexible, and visual search to prospect and find tenants, in all commercial properties. You...

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Quality transactions data combined with Datscha’s market-leading interface. See transactions in a new way, mapped. We use...

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Datscha Insight ™ creates new insights and opportunities of your own property data. By combining your own property data...

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With datscha you will get...

  • Datscha is user friendly and fast
  • Datscha is accurate and gives the users new insights
  • Datscha enables the user to focus on decision making


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