Footfall: Visualising people movement on any street

fotgängare markerade via Footfall i karta

Footfall data with Datscha

  • Support your due diligence process by instantly displaying people flow on the map for any given street in Great Britain.
  • Optimise your return on investment by performing comparative analysis of footfall depending on the time of the day, weekday vs weekends and month to month.
  • Make more informed decisions and get the whole picture with Deep Search by layering Footfall, Ownership, Planning and Transactions at the same time, on the same map.

Understand the dynamics of a site by comparing Footfall between two times brackets

See who is benefitting or being harmed by the footfall rate by layering Ownership information

Enhance your market knowledge by filtering data including transactions and planning applications to find out potential factors that could affect the flow of people

Other main features

Ownership Information

Datscha users benefit from the most complete and detailed ownership information available. Suitable for both...



Quality transactions data combined with Datscha’s market-leading interface. See transactions in a new way, mapped. We use...


Planning Applications

Get instant access to planning applications for England and Wales, all in one place and linked to existing property and...


With datscha you will get...

  • Datscha is user friendly and fast
  • Datscha is accurate and gives the users new insights
  • Datscha enables the user to focus on decision making


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