Development and new features in Datscha

We continuously work with improving and developing Datscha so that you will get the best possible experience and use of our services. Here you can see the latest developments that are done.

Our new solution Datscha Footfall will be released summer 2019. Read more here


Sweden and Finland
Users are now able to create their own search result lists within Search Property in the same manner as in Transaction. Users will also be able to choose which parameters that should be included and in which order they should be displayed.


  • Opportunity to search for Largest property owner based on area, for the option All properties
  • We now also show address in the map popup for “Real Estate”
  • If you have Gold or Platinum license: Update of Streetview features such as time travel and the opportunity to click on properties in the Streetview player.

Streetview in Datscha

The Streetview function enables customers to make a deeper analysis of an area in an initial stage, it contributes to a better feel for a block with access to high-resolution images and the opportunity to move and turn 360 degrees at street level. It is also possible to click on the properties inside Streetview players and to get information about them makes the function even more powerful, ”says Julia Olsson, CSM at Datscha AB.

Julia Olsson, Customer Success Manager at Datscha Sweden


  • Update of UX for the Birde Eye
  • Clearer view when clicking on a property on the map

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By Paula von Porat
May 16, 2019