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About Datscha

Datscha provides you with the online solution for faster and more accurate decisions by turning data from the best public and private sources into knowledge enabling you to focus on decision making. We have been doing this in the Nordics for over 10 years and we now have over 80% of market share and with a customer satisfaction level of over 97%.

We have offices in 3 countries: Sweden, Finland and UK. Datscha was originally founded in Sweden, where the Datscha HQ is located in Stockholm. We also have regional offices in Göteborg and a development hub in Luleå. Datscha was recently 2015 in the UK where we have our office in London. Additionally, we have an office in Helsinki where we are the market-leading solution.

Datscha is owned by Real Capital Analytics (RCA)

What we do

Datscha buys and collects data that is property-related from the market´s best information providers. The next step is for us to structure, match, aggregate and make the data available in our intuitive, award-winning interface, and then you can quickly find everything you´re looking for in the same service. Additionally, you can now upload your own data in Datscha, enabling new analyses, insights, and business opportunities.

How we do it

We believe that collaboration and knowledge-sharing will help us to achieve more. We know you can’t have happy customers if you don’t have a happy team. We think the secret to a long, happy relationship is to listen and show appreciation.

Looking for new challenges?

We are always looking for energetic self-starters to join our small, lively teams within our larger international group.
Here you will find our open positions in Finland, the UK and Sweden.

Florin Ilarka

Florin Iarca

Head of Sales, UK & Continental Europe 
+44 (0)7429 707 004


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Management Team

Natalie Jelveh datscha

Natalie Jelveh

Chief Financial Officer

Jonas Zakrisson

Jonas Zakrisson

Head of products

Johan Hill

Johan Hill

Head of Business Development

Oscar Strauss

Oscar Strauss

Head of sales, Sweden

Michael Fagré

Head Of Development

Hanna Bedinger

HR Manager

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